André Villa




Jun 20 2011


Name: Andrè Visdal Villa
Date of birth: 27 April 1982
City of birth: Lillehammer, Norway
Residence: Torrevieja, Spain. Vågå, Norway.
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Hobbies: Surf, ski, mx, photo and video
Mx since: 1986
Fmx since: 2001

Career highlights


1st X-pilots Aquascalientes, Mexico
2nd X-pilots Guadalajara, Mexico
2nd X-games Brazil


2nd Red Bull X-fighters Rome
2nd Red Bull X-fighters Dubai
3rd Red Bull X-fighters Brasilia


2nd overall Red Bull X-fighters series
1st Red Bull X-fighters Mexico
2nd Red Bull X-fighters Egypt
3rd Red Bull X-fighters Russia
3rd Red Bull X-fighters Madrid
2nd Freestyle motocross masters Barcelona


6th X-fighters Mexico


2nd Red Bull X-fighters Madrid
5th X-games Los Angeles
7th Red Bull X-fighters Texas

1st FIM World-championship Graz, Austria
1st FIM World-championship Basel, Switzerland
5th X-fighters Brazil, Rio De Janeiro

1st IFMXF Night of the Jumps Berlin

1st FIM World-championship Liberec, Czech


5th Red Bull X-fighers Madrid
1st FIM World-championship Riga, Latvia
1st Diverse Night of the jumps Katowice, Polen
1st FIM World-championship Fortaleza, Brazil


1st and 2nd World Championship MILANO, ITALY
3rd and 4th World Championship INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA
1st and 2nd IFMX night of the jumps BERLIN, GERMANY
1st IFMXF Nigh of the jumps MANNHEIM, GERMANY
3rd IFMXF Night of the jumps VIENNA, AUSTRIA
1st Canary Island, Spain.
2nd Vitoria, Spain
2nd and 3rd World-championship Bern
5th Red Bull x-fighters Mexico.


1st and 2nd IFMXF Night of the jumps, Milan, Italy NokiaNgage Valencia
2nd and 3rd IFMXF Night of the jumps, Vienna, Austria
2nd x 2 IFMXF Night of the jumps, Bremen, Germany
7th Red Bull x-fighters Madrid, Spain
2nd IFMXF Night of the jumps, Hamburg, Germany


Spanish fmx champion 2004.
1st Valencia, Spain 2004.
2nd Norwegian nationals fmx, Kongsberg
2nd Night of the jumps IFMXF, Nimès France
6th Night of the jumps IFMXF, Namibia, Africa
2nd Norwegian nationals speedcross Vågå 2004
2nd Norwegian nationals speedcross Vågå 2003

Awards and "cheesy" awards

MotoX Mag - International newcomer of the year. 2005
IFMXF - Rookie of the year. 2005
Elle magazine - Sexiest man in Norway. 2008
Cosmopolitan - Man of the month. 2009
Woman magazine - Hunk of the month. 2009