This trick is still on my mind god damnit 🚀. Ha, hate when things like this get stuck in the back of my head ☠️. Holding on to the rear fender is not that hard, coming back is a different story 😆. Gotta try to ladder it back. #nutbreaker

Dad dad! I wanna try? Sure son! Let’s go 😏🥶
@salomon_norge @bcsport.no @vassfjellet_vinterpark

You know that amazing feeling when you side flip a hip and land perfectly in the transition?? I don’t 😝 #fail #artiglæil @salomon_norge @bcsport.no ...

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#flashbackfriday #bringingitback
Las Vegas with @monsterenergy & @dirtshark.
Feels like a decade ago 💩
Who is the rider in the background?
Moto season coming up soon in winter wonderland. Can’t wait ✊🏻✊🏻

🔥🔥🔥Such a sick edit 🔥🔥🔥
by @axellhodges @dirtshark and @monsterenergy. Must see! Go to @dirtshark profile and follow the link.
Wheelie to backflip. What⁉️

Peugeot e-2008 SUV, helelektrisk.
#hverdagsbil #yppele
@peugeotnorge 👈🏻

Storm found the snowboard park 🤭
#steeper #bigger #firstBigJump

Always been a huge supercross fan ✊🏻 and I’m a wannabe supercross rider. Closest I’ve got was racing speed and style at @xgames that gave me a couple of medals. But we didn’t race like these guys.
Tons of respect to all of them. Warriors!
Who’s your favourite rider(s) this season? Always been a @kenroczen94 fan, and I love what i’m seeing from @jettson18. Great attitude, speed and STYLE!
If you wanna know more about the sx series, check out @supercrosslive.
📸 @rickymonti

Nice night sesh yesterday. Took the little dude in a organised group, skiing gates. Ended up me being yelled at for wasting his time he could he use in the «jump slope»😂 #freerider #onemorerun ...

#whipitwednesday / Tyrosse / Hossegor / 🇫🇷
Love this place. 🏍🏄🌊🍻

Do you ski? Here is a funny story 👇🏻
After posting the ski clip of Storm on FB a couple of days ago, somebody commented with a video saying “not long till he does Air Jordan in Whistler like his dad”.
Somebody in the line to the lift filmed a drop of me from Whistler early 2000. I remember the day well. It was one of the first days we were in Canada and we were like kids in a candy store.
I was with my homie @jorgenvalde and @torgrimvole. We ended up on top of this double drop. The dialog was pretty much like this:
Jørgen: holy shit, there is a double drop here. André: looks huge! Torgrim: Can you see the landing Jørgen: yeah sort of.
Jørgen: Fuck it, should we hit it? André & Torgrim: yeah lets do it. All three trying to act cool being nervous at the same time.
Jørgen hit it first and ate sh$%. It took forever before he landed from the second cliff.
André og Torgrim: holy shit. It’s huuuuge. Are you ok?? Jørgen: I’m fine. André: well, he landed pretty much head first. How much worse can it be. Let’s do it. And we both hit it. And that was that. Didn’t think more of it, till I googled Air Jordan Whistler today. Which is a world know, 4,5m (15ft) step down to a 6 m. (20ft) patch into a 18 m (60ft) drop according to alltracks academy.
Good old days when you had a body to huck stuff like this. Haha. Good times with rad friends, living as ski bums in a car, going big in every way. Thanks for the clip @matskris

10 days skiing already this season and he’s starting to scare the shit out of me 😱 Always pinned or jumping stuff. #justturned5 #nocontrolORIncontrol ...

💥Craving this💥 ...

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