Closest I’ve got to flying ✈️🤩
This is livin’💥

Artig klipp jeg kom over..
Da Johann Olav Koss, @_ezinne_ , @the_real_dfranck. @andreashatveit og @trudedybendahl fikk se FMX for første gang.
Fra Mer Enn Gull på Tv2. Hele episoden ligger forøvrig på min youtube kanal ✌🏻
Der får denne gode gjengen prøvd motocross, det det gikk med noen ribben.

Sometimes the audience reaction 😱 is the best part. It seems we make hearts skip at times. Or, stop…👇🏻
Here is a story for you. Back in 2008ish when I was training in Spain, a old man was walking passed our jump, 50 meters away.
I did this trick in the video, and suddenly he disappeared behind the waist high hedge. We stopped riding to see what was going on. There he was, laying on the street, stiff as a board. The poor old man was dead. I hope I had nothing to do with

Start em young 🙆‍♂️ ...

In and out. Sunday with the boys.
Thanks to @peugeotnorge & @bertelosteen for having us.

Tsunami flip from @huckfestbikefestival 🤘🏻
@kawasaki_norge @shiftmx @foxmoto @peugeotnorge @madestickers @gpr_stabilizer
@thrillseekers @dunlop_mc_norway

@huckfestbikefestival with the boys was sick! 🔥
Thanks for having us and thanks to @monsterenergy for making the FMX happen ✊🏻

Why not have fun while doing it 🤷‍♂️😆
Suspension and everything testing.
#freewilly @monsenmaskin @polaris_scandinavia

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