Who do you know that lives by this motto? ✍🏻

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Made my day! Finally a alley-oop in FMX. Thanks @axellhodges! @monsterenergy #style 👌🏼 💯

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Finishing the year off right 🙈
#minihucker 🙅‍♀️

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Bucket list that! 😍
@supercrossgeneva @monsterenergy

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#Repost @onthepipeseries
#FBF to filming with @andre__villa for #onthepipe3. @mackdawgproductions and I were so blown away by Villas bike skill and #style we felt he deserved his own part in the movie. He was ahead of his time with the wheelies and nose manuals he was doing back then. I can honestly say Andre is one of the most humble and coolest #FMX riders on the planet. Circa 2006. #16mm #film #stylemaster

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Air dancing with my bro @axellhodges in Las Vegas 💯⁉️ One of the things i love about being up in the air is that you are «naked» in the sense that you can’t fake ANYTHING. No fasade, no lies, no pretending and no shortcuts.
Up there you will not get away with it, it will send you to the 🏥.
It’s pure! It’s zen. It’s freedom. It’s dangerous. It’s no bs! It’s fucking awesome, and you feel so much alive. «It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep» ✈️Next up is in Malaga the 16th of November with @edgartorronteras ☠️ Good job 📸 @octane_productions631

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Translation 🇳🇴🇬🇧.
Storm: It was you who did it! 😡😡
@rachelnordtomme : yes, but I didn’t want you to crash into the fence. 😱😱
Storm: it was your fault! 🤬🤬
André: it’s ok. Back on the bike 🤗
Rachel: then you need to use the brakes. 😧
Storm: but i don’t want to brake!!! ☠️
Rachel: i’m very scared you are gonna hurt yourself 😯
Storm: yeah but it’s to much fun 😈
André and Rachel: 😂😂😂😂😂
Storm: it’s more fun that everything i know 😇😍
Rachel: I can’t take it
Storm: i wanna ride pinned.
Rachel: i’m not taking responsibility
Storm: jiyaaaaa!!! ✊🏻

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Boyz n the hood 🎲
@rodamp36 @sheenyfmx @twitchthis8 at the
@monsterenergy @monsterenergycup2019

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